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New Economics by Micha Dotan ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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New Economics

By: Micha Dotan

A revolutionary program of 10 ideas for completely changing the economy to be efficient, just, and user-friendly – e.g., only one tax (VAT on fuel/electricity), supervision of prices and ads, better ways of setting wages, fairer contracts.

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Book Description

Do you want to learn how society and the economy can be greatly streamlined and improved?

This book offers a revolutionary program of 10 great, innovative ideas that would completely change the face of the economy, making 21st century society equal and just and the economy efficient and user-friendly.This is the way to a more just and reasonable economic reality for all!

Highlights of the program include:
-Only one tax (value added tax on fuel and electricity) and cancellation of all other types of taxes, fees, and compulsory insurance
-Supervision of all pricing via simple sample testing of a limited number of products and services
-Supervision of advertising with a strict, detailed system that will greatly improve marketing and communication
-New, fairer methods for determining wages
-New rules to limit buying and selling of stock shares, prevent speculation, and encourage long-term investment
-Policies to ensure fairer contracts
-Buying an apartment without a mortgage by purchasing ownership of a certain percentage of the home and paying rent on the remaining portion

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