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On The Fifth Night by Michael Howard ebook deal
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Religious & Inspirational

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On The Fifth Night

By: Michael Howard

Mark regretted it instantly, ashamed and disgusted. But it was too late. The momentary violent outburst hurt more than he could imagine. And that's saying a lot... because Mark already knew all about the trials of love lost. His energetic, blue-eyed Greta had been taken cruelly from him years before.

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Book Description

Greta's slow descent into mental illness, and her ultimate embrace with death, is hard for Mark to bear. His wife is stolen away neuron by neuron. He experiences most of her suffering from right beside her. At least until he is forced to put some space between them to escape the life-sucking paranoia of her defiled mind. She spends the last few years in a frail care home where he visits her twice a week with their daughter. He sees her there for the last time on the morning she dies.

By then he's already met Anne, and they marry soon after Greta's last breath leaves her body.Their marriage is a tempestuous affair, alternating wildly between passion and brutality. At one of the most brutal lows, Mark's iron-like fist snaps into Anne's face and his knuckles rupture her soft, full lips - lips he has passionately kissed a thousand times. He's never punched her in the face, so it's an extreme shock to both of them.

Time stands still as images of her horrified eyes, and her slumping body, brand themselves on his awareness. The shock of such violence ignites a change in Mark that was primed years before by Greta's suffering and death. He goes gently into a world of reconciliation and sweet forgiveness, and he's catapulted roughly into mystical experiences, including the unsettling certainty that his departed wife is talking to him.

The doctor says its psychosis. But that turns out to be an incorrect diagnosis. To understand the truth about his condition - a condition that is common to all humans - Mark must endure one last trauma."On The Fifth Night" is a unique tale that takes the reader into uncharted depths of reality behind an obvious physical fa├žade. It is packed with surprising twists, and inspiring to the last word. Heart-warming, romantic and spiritual.

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