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Posing Mastery - Sitting, Kneeling & Lying Down by Dan Eitreim ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Posing Mastery - Sitting, Kneeling & Lying Down

By: Dan Eitreim

Whether you're a complete novice - or an old pro using the best photo equipment money can buy - when you're taking pictures of people, EVERY photograph involves posing your subjects!

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Book Description

Posing Mastery IS within your reach! It is really easy once you learn and understand the basic silhouette shapes that lead to all the posing variations!!

Sitting and Kneeling poses offer a lot of challenges... and opportunity. After you've checked out this simply written, easy to read - easy to understand - course volume, you will totally understand how to pose your models so that they will look their best!

In this volume, we learn the Zig Zag pose - this is the basic silhouette that leads to all the various sitting and kneeling options.

Four Basic Sitting and Kneeling Silhouettes - Here is where we go into the various angles ...90 degrees, acute and obtuse that are used to create all those stunning portraits you see. Before you know it, you'll be making them too!

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