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Practical Memory by I. C. Robledo ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Practical Memory

By: I. C. Robledo

Discover easy-to-learn practical tips & tools to boost your memory power today. With "Practical Memory," you will be able to recall memories you thought had escaped you forever, stop forgetting items like your wallet or keys, and never forget where you parked the car again.

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Book Description

Simple, Practical, “Common Sense” Tips to Remember More & Forget Less

You are here because your memory is not as good as you would like. Why might this be?

Well, the internet has all the facts we need at our fingertips. Then cameras store our pictures, and smartphones contain the phone numbers of everyone we know. With so much information being recorded for us, the brain has little that it actually needs to remember. This may be good for productivity, but is bad for our memories.

The problem is when we apply our memories less and less, our ability to remember can also get worse and worse….

The solution here is simple. We must practice and exercise our memories. Thankfully, in Practical Memory you will discover simple systems and exercises anyone can use to improve their memory.

Inside, you will discover:

-How to recall even the most difficult memories (e.g., on the tip of your tongue)
-Why intending or planning to remember is a key step to building memories
-How to stop forgetting your purse/wallet, phone, camera, etc.
-Why too much routine can be bad for your ability to remember
-How to remember where you parked the car
-Special tips for how to remember new locations when traveling (and stop getting lost)

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