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Productivity And Peak Performance by Ian Tuhovsky ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Productivity And Peak Performance

By: Ian Tuhovsky

Life gets hard because we forget that it’s about the journey, not the destination. Through this book, I will teach you how to reorient your strategy and create your dream life.

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Book Description

We hear words like peak productivity all the time. In today’s world, it’s all about doing the best and most you can in the hours you have. You are given examples of people like Elon Musk and Warren Buffet, but even as those names are mentioned, your mind drifts off. Those personalities are super humans; you can’t ever reach their potential. Right?

What if I told you that reaching your flow was a mental game?

We all have the same number of hours in the day, we just need to use them wisely.

Through a step-by-step process, I will guide you on how you can reach your truest potential. While quick success is sexy, it’s often consistency that gets you further in life. With the help of personal examples, actionable steps, and strategies from the best of the best, I have outlined sure shot ways for you to reach the top with a single goal in mind—the process.

Life gets hard because we forget that it’s about the journey, not the destination.
Through this book, I will teach you how to reorient your strategy and create your dream life.
We will do this by evaluating where you are and where you want to be. Through a range of exercises, I will help you close the gap so that there is no looking back!

Once we have discovered what your purpose is, we will focus on how you can get there. We will strip everything down to the basics and confront what’s been holding you back. I will teach how to keep the fear of failure at bay, how your personal choices affect your external world, and most importantly … how to improve your focus and concentration.

This is where the magic happens. Once we have decluttered your life and created space for things that truly matter, your mind will automatically head towards where you want it to. BUT in order to make sure that you don’t revert to old patterns, I will teach you how to build excellent habits.

Habits are the cornerstone of everything good and bad in your life. Your life is a result of the choices you make and your choices are dictated by the habits you develop over the course of your life. The great part about this is that choices can change and bad habits can be broken and replaced with good ones. Through examples, I will show you how to do that. We will learn from Olympic winners, standup comedians, and global powerhouses like Oprah Winfrey to realize that we are all human and have something to learn from one another.

I will debunk myths about multitasking (it’s a bad, bad thing), and focus on deliberately getting better daily. Here we will learn from world champions like Kobe Bryant and rediscover what it means to get really good at something. We will differentiate what the “10,000-hour rule” means in theory AND in practice, and make it a more achievable dream.

The crux of this book is that you are not alone. We all have the same struggle, BUT we also have a fight within us. Your need and your want to get better has led you to read this book. While sometimes it’s comforting to read about people and their successes, it is a relief to know that you can be one of those people too.
You can find your own success and achieve it by simply being true to yourself. How wonderful is that?

By allowing yourself the room to make mistakes, and by taking people off their pedestal, you will see that the difference between the best and the rest comes down to the choices that they make daily.
I will show you how to reorient your daily schedule so that one day you will be able to tell someone like you that it is possible to get everything you’ve dreamed of. Because it is.
And I will show you how.

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