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Pureblood Panther by Clara A. Tobin ebook deal
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Pureblood Panther

By: Clara A. Tobin

Many years after having left the Valley of Mists, where Larissa’s roots lie, she is called back, only to discover that she has to settle a debt for her family by mating with a pureblood, a complete stranger…

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Book Description

I haven't been back to the Valley of Mists in years. It represents a part of myself I had all but forgotten - my panther shifter roots. I still have family in the Valley, and now they need me. But each time I encounter one of the males, especially the purebloods, something seems to wash over me and I lose my head a little. Their scent is so strong. Overpowering…

I was young when we left the Valley, unversed with the irresistible appeal of panther pheromones. But now…things are different. And the magnetic draw of these shifter males is beginning to explain why I never had much interest in dating ordinary men. Perhaps they lacked the intensity - the fierce but stealthy gaze, the heart and soul of a true panther.

That's what I needed - even if I didn't know it yet.

Why I've been called here - to settle a debt for my family. They want me to mate with a pureblood. A complete stranger. And there's no way I'm going to do that. I have a life to lead. A career. There's no way I'll go along with this ridiculous scheme.

If only the pureblood didn't remind me of someone I'd been curious about for a long time…if only his quiet, stealthy demeanor didn't pull me in like a magnet, and if only he didn't trigger such a deep passion within me that I can't explain. Maybe then I could resist all of this. I could go back home and forget all about the Valley of Mists…

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