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The Earl’s Unexpected Journey Of Love by Jessie Bennett ebook deal
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The Earl’s Unexpected Journey Of Love

By: Jessie Bennett

A kind charitable lady. A young reluctant Earl. Both lives facing death. Will they escape unscathed and find love ultimately? Will there be true love?

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Book Description

A pretty charitable lady just wants to help people.

An adventurous and wild young Earl not seeking a bride. He has a hidden agenda to safeguard his inheritance. Keep it a secret or risk of losing his inheritance?

Will they find an unexpected love far away from their homeland? Will they find what they are looking for on a foreign land?

Earl Joshua Allan Hershey has always loved adventure, especially his last trip, which almost cost his life on several occasions.

He's just returned to visit friends at Worthington Manor, hoping for a rest after the harrowing journey, but his attention is immediately diverted by another lovely visitor, and he can't seem to take his mind off her.

Although he can't decide whether he wants to do it or not, Joshua soon finds himself volunteering to escort the lady as she travels to Africa. He oscillates between wanting to get to know her better and hoping that she's not the same woman as all the others he's met, but wonders if perhaps she is his chance to take possession of the inheritance he will lose if he does not wed soon.

Lady Juliette Anne Ellingham has finally achieved the dream of a lifetime, getting to do her father's missionary work in Muambo. He has worked his whole adult life for these people, and she greatly desires to bless them in the same manner before she finds a husband with whom to settle at last. However, she never expected Africa to provide her with the finest gift imaginable.

She must first say goodbye to her beloved father, who will not be joining her for this missionary trip, and the two are extraordinarily close. It could be months before they see each other again, and a small chance that something will prevent them from ever meeting again. After all, they are traveling far and danger lurks everywhere…

Will Lord Joshua finally find the wife he desperately needs in order to claim his inheritance—and will she be as intelligent as he hopes?

Should Lady Juliette accept a marriage proposal without knowing the suitor as well as she would like—and is this her chance at true love?

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