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Reiki And Reiki Meditation-The Comprehensive Guide by Marta Tuchowska ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Reiki And Reiki Meditation-The Comprehensive Guide

By: Marta Tuchowska

A step-by-step guide to Reiki- the best natural coffee for your soul that will energize your body and mind to make you feel and look amazing!

Are you ready for big positive changes? The quality of your life is just about to increase-I will show you how to make friends with Reiki and revolutionize your health and your life in a natural, holistic and exciting Way!

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Book Description

REIKI AND REIKI MEDITATION- The Best Natural Coffee for Your Soul!

Are You Ready For Big Positive Changes? The Quality of Your Life is Just About To Increase-I Will Show You How to Make Friends with Reiki and Revolutionize Your Health and Your Life in a Natural, Holistic and Exciting Way!

Dear Friend,

• Would you like to discover a free healing system that will help you feel and look amazing?

• Would you like to realize your self-worth and believe in your real path in life? Would you like to feel free from anger, free from worry, free from doubt and free from physical and emotional pain?

• Would you like to see and feel a sense of unity in the Universe?

• Would you like to "let it go" and heal the past traumas and experiences in order to move on?

• Would you like to feel at peace with yourself and look forward to your future? Would you like to get rid of anxious feelings and feel mentally and emotionally stronger?

• Would you like to know your real vocation and remain focused and positive? Would you like to create vibrant health for yourself and others?

• Would you like to feel physically and emotionally energized…? In just a few minutes?

Imagine how your life would change if you could just feel good and even better than that- if you could be in control of your emotions, energy and feelings?

The solution is simple and natural. It's called: Reiki- and even if you have never heard of it before, after reading this book you will know exactly what to do to connect to it and unlock its healing power. Everyone can learn it. The Reiki system is really simple and you deserve to master its techniques so as to create an amazing life full of health, happiness and abundance!

Reiki is the best natural coffee for your soul…We are just about to hang out together and…have the BEST healing cup of Reiki coffee. You can thank me later!

Here's What This Book Is Going To Teach You (You Are Just About to Feel It and Experience it Yourself...):

*How to crack the Reiki code and make it your lifestyle even if you are busy

*How to understand and feel the healing essence of Reiki in just a few seconds by doing a few simple, pre-Reiki exercises

*How to connect to Reiki and purify your energy field

*The limitless possibilities and benefits of Reiki and how it can change your life and help you become your best self

*Reiki and the Subtle Energy - Discover how Reiki actually works and how you can make it work for yourself and your loved ones

*Explore your chakras and auras, realize your weak points and balance yourself with Reiki.

*How to understand auras

*Simple healing techniques you wish you had known years ago!

*Reiki and its amazing, powerful exercises for wellness, health, and abundance-the Practical ABC's + step-by-step action plan (Reiki to treat insomnia, Reiki to energize your mind, Reiki to work better, Reiki to attract abundance...)

*Reiki symbols and techniques to let go of past situations, heal traumas, forgive others, eliminate emotional blockages, create new empowering habits and attract abundance

*Reiki and professional success

*How to create powerful Reiki affirmations and transform your life

*Common questions and misconceptions about Reiki explained

*How to become a Reiki practitioner

*The history and interesting facts about Reiki + a few more advanced techniques!

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