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Reluctant Hero by Kea Alwang / Melissa Mertz ebook deal
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Childrens & Middle Grade

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Reluctant Hero

By: Kea Alwang / Melissa Mertz

The Secret Path of Ned the Ninja is a Middle Grade Martial Arts series of books written by Melissa Mertz and Kea Alwang. Book One, Reluctant Hero, finds our guy Ned just trying to get by in the 5th grade. When his parents haul him off to karate class, Ned is sure he won't be a class act. And he's double sure he won't be going back. But then something strange happens ... and Ned's uncoordinated feet take their first steps onto a rather unpredictable path.

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Book Description

Hey ... I'm Ned Herts. But you can call me Ned the Nerd. No, really ... I don't mind. My hobbies include: video games, comic books, creating superhero characters, bringing home awesome grades, tumbling into school lockers, and handing over my lunch money. Talents? Well, I have mastered the art of duck-and-cover while steering clear of Beck the Bonebreaker, my personal bully. Unfortunately, a super-bad school day involving a paper cut causes my parents to flip: They drag me to a karate class to toughen up.

Let me tell you something: When a guy like me lines up next to a cute girl to face his very first workout at the mercy of a weapons-happy martial arts teacher, it's not pretty. But when a guy like me gets hauled into the woods in the middle of the night for another lesson, he's going to wonder if superheroes can really exist and if his uncoordinated feet have just been placed on a very strange path.

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