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Renouncing Holy Logic by Rami Anabusi ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Renouncing Holy Logic

By: Rami Anabusi

Interactive book that combines engaging stories, drama and realism with financial and social tools and principles for dealing with life situations.

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Book Description

An interactive book that combines engaging stories, drama and realism with practical financial, psychological, political and social tools and principles for dealing with life situations. It is an invitation to start your own business without hesitation, to start a new job without worries, to jump into challenges and stop wasting opportunities. It's the most practical way to say "goodbye" to worries, and to say "hello" to luck and courage!
No more fears!

Unlock the truth behind creating success and discover why conventional logic has failed you.
Discover answers to your most burning questions: Can you change your luck? Why do some people stay poor no matter what they do? And how can you shape your destiny?

Drawing on a profound mix of philosophy, psychology, business knowledge, economics, and self-development, this illuminating handbook offers a revolutionary new approach to conventional wisdom. Imbued with a rich narrative and recounting the personal story of economist Rami Anabusi, Renouncing Holy Logic takes you on a fascinating journey to answer some of life’s most fundamental questions, paving the road to a new source of self-discovery and transcendence.

Specially written for anyone who yearns to create lasting change in their lives, tap into the secrets behind success, and discover the limiting myths that are holding them back, Renouncing Holy Logic arms you with the tools you need to gain deeper insights into yourself and become the master of your destiny. Inside, you’ll be taken on an eye-opening journey to escape the trap of conventional logic and broaden your understanding of the world’s mysteries.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover:

The Importance of Following The Rules (and The Importance of Knowing When To Break Them)
How To Harness The Profound Art—and Struggle—of Growth
Uncovering The Truth About Success (Hint: It’s Not What You Think)
The Real Reason That Conventional Logic Is Holding You Back
One Essential Exercise For Kickstarting Change
Powerful Tools To Take Control of Your Life
And So Much More…
As a must-read for anybody who wants to achieve greater success in life, unearth an endless spring of happiness, and bear witness to the harmful ideas that are secretly sabotaging your dreams, Renouncing Holy Logic could save you 40 years of your life by giving you a tried-and-tested formula for self-transformation.

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