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Riley’s Garden Oasis by Marylee Pangman ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Riley’s Garden Oasis

By: Marylee Pangman

Get ready for an exciting journey with Riley, a newbie to desert gardens, as she discovers the secrets of desert container gardening. Instead of typical glossy pictures found in most garden books, you'll embark on Riley's adventure, guided by her neighbor Ben’s wealth of knowledge about growing plants in a dry climate.

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Book Description

Are you envisioning exquisite desert container gardens, brimming with vibrant flowers and distinct plant varieties that excel in hot and arid climates?

Meet Riley, a recent transplant from a colder, wetter climate now living in Southern Arizona who longs to plant and enjoy a year-round colorful oasis. With the help of her knowledgeable neighbor, Ben, Riley learns how to cultivate thriving desert container gardens filled with vibrant flowers, colorful perennials, and hardy shrubs.

While entertaining the reader, Marylee Pangman’s unique parable-style book Riley’s Garden Oasis provides step-by-step instructions and valuable tips for planting and nurturing successful desert container gardens in a parched climate.

With each turn of the page, you'll be immersed in Marylee’s passion as she unveils an array of invaluable how-to tips including her profound belief that desert dwellers can have living color 365 days a year.

With proven techniques for selecting the right containers and appropriate plants, readers can transform their homes and gardens into flourishing desert sanctuaries.

Whether you’re an aspiring gardener or simply a lover of the outdoors, Riley’s Garden Oasis is an expertly crafted guide that empowers readers to conquer the harshest challenges of desert container gardening.

Let Riley’s Garden Oasis guide you from being a hopeless "black thumb" to becoming a skilled and fearless gardener, ready to enjoy the splendor of fragrant and colorful potted gardens.

In the heart of Tucson, Arizona, Marylee Pangman found her calling and expertise in desert container gardening. By becoming a Master Gardener, she honed her skills and became a renowned authority in the field, leading her to establish The Contained Gardener—a local company that provided design, installation, and maintenance services for desert container gardens.

With three decades of experience, Marylee has empowered thousands of desert dwellers to embrace the beauty of container gardening through her services, classes, educational programs, and blogs. Her books, "Getting Potted in the Desert" and "Riley's Garden Oasis," stand as comprehensive guides, reflecting her commitment to enabling others to create thriving container gardens even in the challenging desert environment.

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