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Self-Love by Amber Rich ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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By: Amber Rich

You are unhappy, feel yourself unloved and not "good enough" for anything?
You have lost self-worth, compare yourself to other, ignore yourself?
You lost yourself in a relationship or sacrifice your own happiness for someone else?
It's time to stop your suffering and discover what it takes to Start Loving Yourself and change your life. Read this book and create your happy and harmonious life.

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Book Description

Nobody has become happy, without loving and accepting himself.
Every time you do something, you hope that you'll be more respected and valued, but what you end up getting is the same disappointing result? Do relationships with people become more difficult and you become more unsociable?
This is one of the many lacks of self-love scenarios. So, what do you expect from others if you don't love, value and respect yourself?

It's not a secret for anybody that you must love yourself.There are a lot of self love books about it. The paradox resides in that a lot of people didn't love themselves in the past and still don't do it. How can this be explained?

-People don't realize the danger that lies in the lack of self love.
-People don't understand properly the meaning of "self love".
-People don't know how to do it.

Do you know what should you do to love yourself?
Read about it in the book "Self Love: Start Loving Yourself and Change the World: A Self-Help Guide to Changing Yourself and Creating a Happy Life".

Here are a few things that you'll learn:
-How to understand properly the self love.
-How dangerous is the lack of the self love.
-How much do you love yourself (make a little test).
-How do the self love manifest itself in life.

And in addition, as a gift, you'll GET a list of the 50 most actual ways of how to learn about how to love yourself.

This book will teach you how to:
-Identify your negative attitudes and eliminate it.
-Implement positive attitudes with the help of self love affirmations and autogenic training.
-Control the stress and relax.
-Create a new harmonious version of your life.

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