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Six John Jordan Mysteries by Michael Lister ebook deal
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Six John Jordan Mysteries

By: Michael Lister

Detective John Jordan must determine if the death he witnessed was murder, accident, or suicide—though it might cost him his life to do so.

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Book Description


Detective John Jordan must determine if the death he witnessed was murder, accident, or suicide—though it might cost him his life to do so.

John Jordan thought he had put murder investigation behind him for good—his own good. After the toll the cases he worked in Atlanta have taken on him, he returns to the Florida Panhandle in search of the serenity that has so long eluded him.


Old ghosts resurface to haunt detective John Jordan when a vulnerable young girl he's trying to protect is murdered in what seems an impossible manner.

John Jordan's search for serenity is interrupted by the unimaginable murder of Nicole Caldwell, the adopted daughter of televangelist Bobby Earl Caldwell. The impossible murder is committed inside John's own locked office while he's trying to protect her.


John Jordan investigates startling and strange cases involving a pregnant virgin, a daring prison break, the Second Coming, and the fate of Laura Mathers from Power in the Blood.

John Jordan is back—investigating eternal mysteries woven into the fabric of everyday life. Within the confines of seemingly ordinary cases, John explores the ineffable and inexplicable, the profoundly mysterious within the mundane.


Can John solve an impossible murder committed in a locked cell right before his very eyes? Will he be willing to once he learns the price he'll have to pay?

In one of the most baffling murder cases of his career, John Jordan actually witnesses the murder of artist Justin Menge and still has no idea how it was done or who did it.
Attempting to balance his fragile reconciliation with Susan and this high-stakes investigation, John soon wonders if the life he's hoped for is even possible. But as the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place, John is shocked and disturbed and confronted with an impossible choice that will determine his future.


Was the troubled young Tammy Taylor a victim of an exorcism gone horribly wrong or cold-blooded murder? John Jordan must exorcise his own demons to find out.

Following a particularly brutal and costly case, John Jordan goes to a secluded retreat center and encounters one of the most bewildering and haunting cases of his career—the suspicious death of a troubled and sexualized young woman undergoing exorcism.


What do a daring prison escape and a shocking lynching have in common? Only the inimitable John Jordan can figure it out!

John Jordan searches for an escaped prisoner, investigates a shocking murder, and confronts a sadist forcing his victims to violate themselves—but as he closes in on the criminal, a harrowing river rescue may take more than the depleted detective has left to give.

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