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Skinniness Is Next To Goddessness? Lacey's Story by Julia Keanini ebook deal
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Teen & Young Adult

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Skinniness Is Next To Goddessness? Lacey's Story

By: Julia Keanini

Frustrated by her reflection, Lacey decides it is time for a change. Small differences in her diet become bigger cuts in calories and Lacey finally sees a girl she can love in the mirror. But is skinniness what Lacey really wants? Lacey isn't sure how she feels, until it's too late....

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Book Description

In the wake of her parents ugly divorce, Lacey Steele is forced to choose to stay with her dad in the home she loves or to move to California with the woman who has never had time or patience for Lacey, otherwise known as her mother. When Charity, Lacey's sister, chooses their dad and home, Lacey knows she has to side with her lonely mother.

Yet, four years later, after having no contact with the father or sister she left behind, Lacey is sent back to them when her mother decides to get remarried. Moving back to a household that used to be filled with love (it's now icy cold) and finding her ten-year crush has found his way into the arm's of Lacey's sister, are the last straws of many. Lacey decides it's time to stand up for herself and take matters into her own hands. Everything would be fixed if only she were thinner and fit into the mold both her mother and sister had perfected.

With her friend Ashley, they create the Future Goddess Girls Club. All it will take to lose the future? Drop the extra pounds plaguing them. Extreme calorie cutting may be a bit much, but at least it isn't a real eating disorder.

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