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Spine Surgery Recovery: How To Prepare Your Home And Take Care Of Yourself To Minimize Pain And Stress by Sandra Joines ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Spine Surgery Recovery: How To Prepare Your Home And Take Care Of Yourself To Minimize Pain And Stress

By: Sandra Joines

Ready to breeze through your spine surgery recovery? Not gonna happen. Not the breeze-through part, anyway. But, by learning how to make simple adjustments to your home and how to be prepared for those little things that sneak up on you, your recovery can be a whole lot easier.

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Book Description

Ready to Breeze Through Your Spine Surgery?
Not gonna happen. Not the breeze-through part, anyway.

But, by implementing some inexpensive, easy adjustments, you can transform your home into a place of comfort and convenience for your postoperative period. Also, by following practical guidelines for taking care of yourself, your recovery will be a WHOLE lot easier and considerably less painful.

Are you concerned that your postoperative spine surgery stiffness and pain will be more than you bargained for and you will have to depend on your caregiver more than you anticipated?

Do you fear simple tasks, such as getting in and out of bed or taking a shower, will be difficult, causing you even more pain and stress?

And what about those postoperative instructions from your surgeon and hospital - do you understand the "what-to-do's," however, feel confused as to how to put them into action?

If you are reading this, you might have recently had spine surgery, have a procedure scheduled, perhaps in the decision-making stage, or unfortunately have issues with taking care of certain personal needs that require bending and twisting.

Sandra Joines is an expert at successfully getting through spine surgery recovery and is well aware of how you may be feeling, your concerns about how you will care for yourself, and your apprehension about abusing the generous help from your caregiver.

After many years of back issues and when walking became extremely painful and difficult, Sandra made the decision to proceed with a four-level lumbar laminectomy with fusion. Before the surgery, however, she made sensible changes to her home to better accommodate the limitations she anticipated she would be faced with after surgery. And during the recovery period, she discovered numerous, creative ways to take care of her personal needs, which took tasks and pressure off of her caregivers.

In this book, you will learn:

* How to get home from the hospital and get in and out of a vehicle
* What NO BLT means
* How to prepare your kitchen and living room for your recovery period
* How to set up your bedroom for maximum convenience
* How to prepare your bathroom
* How to simplify the shower process
* How to take care of your incision
* Tips for the toilet
* Techniques for dressing
* How to take care of laundry
* About medication reactions
* Other medical issues that could occur during your recovery
* What symptoms or side effects to watch out for

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