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Standout HR by Vero Vanmiddelem ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Standout HR

By: Vero Vanmiddelem

Standout HR is a must read for every one who is interested in understanding what human resources management is about and how it can help an organization grow and be successfull. The book is highly structured, with a beautiful visual representation of her model, practically usable in every organization. The author illustrates with real examples and provides a report from how she applied this for a customer.

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Book Description

Is your Human Resources Management not living up to the promise? Do your HR efforts lack tangible results? Have you come to realize that your organization needs another Human Resources approach to really move the needle and contribute to your growth and business success ?

Standout HR is just what you need and deserve! This book describes what it takes to redesign your HR strategy to be successful and create added value to your organization.

As a business leader, aiming high and wanting to grow your company, you need to know how to deal with your people, how to best motivate them, organize them, reward and retain them. So you need to understand how to set up your Human Resources Strategy and how to make sure your HR leader is laser focused to achieve maximal results.

As a human resources leader, aiming to contribute significantly to your company's success, and occupational health and well-being, you need to understand the business you are in, the key challenges and opportunities ahead, and your stakeholders' aspirations and needs.

Standout HR lays down the path to a targeted, customized company-original Human Resources Strategy and model, that will boost organizational performance and employee well-being.

This book takes you on the following journey towards Standout HR, HR that fools business results:
-First, you gain insight in the basic HR model, covering the in-, through- and outflow activities within HR, adding internal communications and rewards as key critical underlying processes
-Next, you understand and use the specifics of your internal building blocks in developing your own HRM, adding stakeholder analysis and considering potential external influences
-Finally, you learn about an approach to bring this to live. You define and discover an effective and efficient method to develop your own company-original HR roadmap for success, a "how-to" guide to convert your bread-and-butter HR in successful and standout HR

A Bonus is offered: a specific case study, full insight in a report that was developed following an internal search for HR improvement, leading to a new strategy and key HR objectives that resulted in business alignment and success.

When reading this book, you will understand that the pathway to sustainable success for your business is bringing HR from the outside in, turning your own HR inside out, to deliver Standout HR.

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