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Stop Chasing Start Attracting by Kristen Noelle ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Stop Chasing Start Attracting

By: Kristen Noelle

What if you are already standing on a goldmine and all you have to do is activate it? Discover a unique three pillar proprietary framework that Kristen Noelle has created that will give you the tools to magnetize and draw to you, the wealth and abundance that you desire.

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Book Description

As someone who has been chasing after money for a majority of her 20's...
I learned A LOT about WHY money wasn't particularly attracted to me...until I stumbled upon a framework that changed the game for me. The Cashflow Trinity™ is the same framework I share with my clients and it's revealed in this book!

If making money feels hard and it's a struggle, but you know deep down in the very depths of your soul that you want more abundance and ease in your life, then this book will give you the exact tools that will bring more ease in your life.

If you're sitting at your desk wondering what magic pill everyone else swallowed for them to be living the lifestyle they created, and you're still unsure whether it can or will happen for you, then this book will show you how.

And finally, if you're ready to stop chasing money (cause my mama once told me, "whatever you chase will run away") and step into becoming a money magnet, then this book was designed just for you.

What if you are already standing on a goldmine and all you have to do is activate it?
Last Father's Day, my partner and I took our dad's to go fishing at a nearby lake. For the first three hours, we weren't able to catch a single fish. We spent all this time, energy, and money buying the equipment and bait necessary to catch fish but to our dismay, we weren't even able to catch a single one. Defeated, we started packing up all the things we brought with us. Suddenly, a random gentleman asked if we were leaving and if he could take our spot; he said we were standing on a goldmine and that the exact spot we were in, were filled with fish that were easy to catch. Shocked, we asked if we could watch him fish and learn from him. He pulls out garlic spary, sprays it on his bait and catches one in less than five minutes. My dad and I decided to try it ourselves and we were able to catch six fish in 30 minutes!

Have you been working a lot harder then you need to be when it comes to attracting money?

My book will give you the secret spray to wealth!

It's not about the struggle, or trying to force things, or even chasing. When it comes down to it, it's about aligning yourself and BECOMING a magnet to money and opportunities.

Stop Chasing, Start Attracting is a book about getting into alignment with your money mission so that you can create a life by design, one that attracts even more money, abundance, and opportunities.

This book is based on the Cash Flow Trinity™, a three-pillar proprietary framework that has helped my clients and students become an energetic match to money so that they can do less and attract more.

This book goes beyond the Law of Attraction. You will find that in my book, the Law of Attraction is only a third of the whole pie.

Here's what to expect inside these magical pages:
•The truth about money and why you may be overestimating your ability to attract it.
•How our environment is like a 3D vision board and how to set it up strategically for success.
•Why your mindset is simply not enough and how to implement your goals for the long run instead of depending on sheet motivation.
•Why "effortless action" can be more powerful than hustle.
•How to harness the energy in your environment to increase your cash flow.

Follow the advice in my book and watch how effortlessly you can remove the lens of how you've been viewing money and manifest a life of your wildest dreams. You'll discover how you've been standing on a goldmine all this time and all you have to do is follow the basic strategies I discuss in this book for financial freedom.

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