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Street Workout by Alvin Clark ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Street Workout

By: Alvin Clark

Unleash the power of street workout with Street Workout: Lose Weight and Gain Muscle Mass with Highly Effective Street Exercises. This detailed eBook contains a comprehensive guide on how you can gain muscle mass and obtain your dream body without spending long hours in the gym. This eBook contains an effective list of exercises along with illustrations to thoroughly guide you through the process. You’ll also learn about nutrition and the importance of rest and recovery.

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Book Description

Want to change your life, but do not dare to make the first move? You want to become slim and healthy, but do not know where to start? Trying to overcome stress and streamline your thoughts? Do not postpone "for tomorrow."
This book is a good way to start positive changes today.

All people have more in common than differences, and everyone is able to develop those qualities that we value in others. Why try to just copy them, if you can maximize your own potential and talents and reach the level of your favorite athletes? Adhering to this principle and working with all your strength, you sculpt the champion out of yourself and strive for perfection.

This book will introduce you to techniques, special exercises and training strategies that will help you optimize your athletic performance, increase overall performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Whether you are a beginner who wants to try his hand at street workout for the first time, or an experienced athlete who wants to reach the peak of his potential, this unique system of building up strength, speed and endurance is aimed at a steady increase in athletic performance.

Street workout is a way to organize our lives, to temper our spirit and will, to learn to set goals and to reach them. After all, movement is life. And the book you hold in your hands is just a small stimulus, the first step to change your habits and begin to improve the world around you.

Here is a detailed step by step plan of action that will change your body and spirit forever! This book will tell you how to exercise wisely and effectively just on the street, how to use street workout equipment, how to balance your nutrition and the importance of rest and recovery.

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