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Strength For Parents Of Missing Children by Marie White ebook deal
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Religious & Inspirational

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Strength For Parents Of Missing Children

By: Marie White

A captivating and insightful look into a parent's worst nightmare from the perspective of a mother living it. The fact that it also gives practical help to anyone who is grieving is groundbreaking!

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Book Description

How do you continue living when your worst fear has been realized?
Bret and his sons were interrupted by banging on the door. Minutes later he was in handcuffs and the boys were pushed toward their estranged mother.

Called the silver bullet effect, their mother had called with false allegations to illegally gain possession of their sons and smuggle them out of the country.

It was weeks before the web of lies that put Bret in jail was untangled. Finally, a judge awarded Bret sole custody, but the police refused to enforce it. Months passed as he searched for his sons. 215 days after their abduction, law enforcement issued a warrant for the boys' mother and listed the kids as missing children.

It would take the help of someone special before there would be a breakthrough in Bret's case. That special person was internationally renowned private investigator, Logan Clarke. Logan is the man who finds missing children.

More than two million families in the United States have experienced a missing child. Numerous alienated parents, estranged grandparents, foster parents, pre-adoptive parents, and relatives, are currently facing the loss of children in their lives. Many people break down mentally, suffer from PTSD, become pathologically depressed, or turn to drugs and alcohol. Some even end their suffering through suicide.

There are books that deal with stress, or parental alienation, or grief and loss. This is the first book to address all these issues in a comprehensive survival guide for coping while your child is gone.

Strength for Parents of Missing Children guides parents through their journey and helps them find joy and deeper purpose in the midst of pain. It's The Purpose Driven Life for parents of missing or alienated children. As the parent of a missing child, Marie has used the pain of her experience to reach out to others who are desperate for answers while their child is gone.

Featuring Experts:

Dr. Sue Cornbluth
Dr. Cornbluth is an expert in high-conflict divorce. She is a nationally recognized expert in parenting and childhood trauma and was named Woman of the Year 2016, by Women of Distinction Business Magazine.

Logan Clarke
Logan Clarke has spent more than 20 years finding missing children. As one of the top investigators in the world, Mr. Clarke has been profiled in several books, Newsweek, and television shows around the globe.

Dr. Tim Benson
Dr. Benson is a clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He specializes in treating elite athletes, celebrities and high achievers in the professional world. His areas of interest are in addiction treatment and fostering resilience in athletes and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Raymond Mitsch
Dr. Mitsch is the Associate Professor and chair of the Psychology Department at Colorado Christian University. He has worked for Promise Keepers, WorldVenture, The Evangelical Alliance Mission and authored the best-selling book, Grieving the Loss of Someone You Love.

Michael Jeffries
Mr. Jeffries is a speechwriter and former alienated-father. He turned his experience into the trailblazing book A Family's Heartbreak: A Parent's Introduction to Parental Alienation.

Covering topics such as:
-The body's reaction to stress

Special features include:
-Inspiration Cards to cut out
-4 weeks of daily checklists
-Additional resources
-Free gifts

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