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Swarm by Shane M Brown ebook deal
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By: Shane M Brown

The world will be irrevocably changed in two hours if Coleman’s team of Special Forces Marine can’t stop terrorists launching a weapon as powerful as Mother Nature herself.

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Book Description

Mankind excels at killing.
We are especially creative when killing each other.
This was true ten thousand years ago.
This holds true now.
The only difference is the scale of destruction we have learned to unleash.

Few can comprehend the scale of the weapon that Krisko Borivoj (a.k.a Bora) has now unlocked. Within the last two weeks, Bora's scientists have engineered a weapon surpassing the destructive power of a nuclear warhead.
Far surpassing.
Now he is ready to launch.

Right now, off the east coast of America, Bora's hand-picked team of highly-skilled terrorists are securing the perfect location to launch their weapon. Within the next two hours, they will launch their attack.
An underwater power facility might seem an unlikely location from which to launch the most devastating weapon mankind has ever devised, but the small team of US Marines tasked to defend the facility will soon learn the truth.

They will learn how blood-thirsty some men can become.
They will learn that failure will leave our world in unrecognizable turmoil.
And they will learn that Mother Nature is still the world's deadliest assassin.

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