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The 10-Day Skin Brushing Detox by Mia Campbell ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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The 10-Day Skin Brushing Detox

By: Mia Campbell

Some doctors say detoxing isn't necessary because the body has natural detoxification processes. It does - which work great if you're healthy! Pollution, non-organic food, stress, and other assaults mean sometimes those processes need a helping hand. Skin brushing stimulates the body's largest organ of elimination and, done properly, can make you feel great while detoxing. This 10-day easy plan will leave you with improved circulation, glowing skin, reduced cellulite & stretch marks, and more.

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Book Description

Dry skin brushing (or body brushing) is an old naturopathic health-boosting technique that you can do even when not feeling great. It simply involves brushing the body all over with a firm brush. Why? Because it makes you look and feel absolutely amazing!

It works as a detox by stimulating the lymphatic and blood systems, boosting metabolism, and improving elimination through the skin - the body's largest organ. The lymph gets sluggish when we don't move around very much, as it relies on muscles to move its contents.

Done incorrectly, any detox can make you feel awful - the side-effects can be pretty rough. This book shows you how to detox by using skin brushing without unpleasant side-effects. You will feel good from Day One. By Day Ten you will have established a new health habit that you can build on.

This book contains a new method of brushing. If you have done skin brushing before you may have been told to brush towards the heart. You'll find out why that isn't always the case and the exact way to brush every inch of your body. This new method has been tried, tested, and refined by the author, experienced aromatherapist and health coach Mia Campbell.

The Benefits Of Skin Brushing

Probably the most famous reason for trying skin brushing is to eliminate cellulite. That it can do and so much more, including:

-Improvement in the skin's appearance & texture
-Better muscle and skin tone
-Improved lymphatic flow (which improves the health overall)
-More energy
-Improved immunity
-Less fatty deposits
-Improved skin conditions
-Better digestion and elimination
-Improved hormones
-More energy
-A feeling of well-being and an inner & outer glow of vibrant energy
-An overall detox
-Reduced stress

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