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The Art Of Everyday Assertiveness by Ian Tuhovsky  ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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The Art Of Everyday Assertiveness

By: Ian Tuhovsky

Transform your life with The Art of Everyday Assertiveness by Ian Tuhovsky.
Learn to be assertive AND kind, develop healthy relationships, and meet others’ needs without sacrificing your own well-being. An easy-to-digest book with practical ways to become naturally assertive. Bonus chapter on assertiveness in social media.

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Book Description

Symptom Checklist for Lack of Assertiveness
In situations where you want to say ‘no,’ disagree or ask for something that you want…

-You feel uncomfortable, awkward, tense, guilty, or rude. Overexplain and apologise.

-You end up agreeing to do something you don’t want to do and feel drained or used as a result.

-People tend to pressure you, get confrontational or punish you for denying their requests.

The good news is that you’re not alone.

The bad news is that if you don’t learn to be assertive you’ll always feel like a doormat, invite toxic people into your life and compromise your needs for the sake of everyone else’s wants.

If you want to easily learn…

-How to be assertive AND kind, calm & considerate at the same time.

-How to have healthy relationships with others, that involve feel-good boundaries, clear communication and balanced dynamics.

-How to meet others’ needs without sacrificing your own well-being & how to have your needs met without feeling guilty.

Then this book is a 100% YES! for you.

“There are thousands of books on assertiveness, why should I read this one?”

The Art of Everyday Assertiveness is not just another self-help guide that you’ll read and forget.
The author, Ian, will guide you through self-exploration to help you understand your current behavioural patterns and how they show up in your life.

(Anyone can do this, even without previous experience in self-analysis!)

He’ll help you see how healthy assertiveness looks in real life… at work, in love, in family relations and in other common situations.

He’ll give you practical ways to start learning assertiveness in a way that doesn’t compromise your kindness and consideration for others.

“Ian writes in an incredibly caring, empathetic and accepting way. The whole time I felt like I was getting advice from a good friend, not a self-help book!”

Actionable, Eye-Opening & Inspirational; A 96-Page Book on Assertiveness

Here’s what you’ll find inside the Art of Everyday Assertiveness:

Psychological explanations of assertiveness; most people have no idea!
Why do you struggle with assertiveness?
Conflict resolution styles; become confident in any situation.
Discover what type of non-assertive you are!
How to naturally become assertive at work, in social settings, in love, and in family situations.
& so much more!

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