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The Byzantine Connection by Edita A. Petrick ebook deal
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The Byzantine Connection

By: Edita A. Petrick

Retired FBI contractor stumbles upon something that defies reason. An elderly couple, praying at the altar, undergoes transformation that is just not possible to grasp for a logical mind. Forty eight hours later, threatened by mythological beasts in Savannah library, Carter is forced to consider that ancient evil has not finished threatening humanity.

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Book Description

A veteran of battles with mythological demons, Carter stumbles upon something that defies reason. While waiting in a church for Stella, meeting with a cleric-friend who recently returned from Greece, he witnesses an apparent miracle. Stella's next book will be about texts and treasures because she is an authority on the Byzantine period. Her original plan was to continue gathering material for her book with Carter coming along for moral support—and company. However, once a mysterious call comes in the middle of the night, and a raspy voice pleads with him for help, research gathering takes a backseat.

When their search for Stella's friend take them to Savannah, once again Carter is forced to consider that what he believed to have been resolved—and forever buried—is not finished threatening humanity. And this time, the ancient evil has company of modern-day evil because men and women with money and power will always want something more….

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