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The Charismatic Introvert by Markus A. Kassel ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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The Charismatic Introvert

By: Markus A. Kassel

Becoming a charismatic leader who knows how to rally people to his cause and make things happen isn't a privilege reserved to the extrovert! Learn how to harness your quiet strengths and unleash the charismatic introvert in you!

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Book Description

Do You Feel Invisible to Others? When You Speak, Do People Act as if They Didn't Hear You? You May Have a Lot to Share and Contribute but None of It Will Matter if You Don't First Develop Your Natural Charisma!

Being an introvert can be a boon. It makes us creative people who show great decision making skills as we're aware of everything that's going on around us. Yet, because we're so quiet and reflective, we may experience difficulties being acknowledged or taken seriously.

We watch, helplessly, as our friends and colleagues get ahead in life while we remain stuck in place. None of our dreams ever seem to get a chance to become reality.

The Recipe to Success
No matter how much we may wish otherwise, we can't reach our dreams on our own. To amount to anything in life, we need the help of others. That's why charisma is so essential, as it represents the magical ingredient that will rally people to your cause. The one attribute that will charm them and have them listen to (and believe in) what you have to say.

Yet, how is one supposed to go about it when you don't feel at ease in large groups? How to ooze that confidence and personal magnetism when you don't even believe in yourself? "The Charismatic Introvert" will give you the keys to unlocking your inner rock star!

In This Book, You Will Learn:
How to become a great leader by tapping into your introvert strengths;

-The powers introverts possess and which can help you outshine any extrovert;

-How to tackle any self-confidence problem you may have to soar like an eagle;

-How to up your value and become truly indispensable.

You Will Also Discover:
-How to ace any social gathering and have anyone you meet remember you;

-How to become the go-to guy and have people fight for your time;

-How to get into the habit of stepping out of your comfort zone and loving it.

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself and Start Living to Your Full Potential! Whether you want to get a promotion at work, get a date with a special someone or just put an end to the endless disappointments that seem to make your daily bread, "the Charismatic Introvert" will show you the way. Stop watching on the sidelines as others move ahead.

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