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The Doctor Who Cures Cancer by William Kelley Eidem ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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The Doctor Who Cures Cancer

By: William Kelley Eidem

The bones grow back in this nonfiction work about the greatest medical scientist of the 20th century. Cancer, AIDS, arthritis, and drug addiction were just some of the maladies that were no match. Suppressed? Yes. Impressive? A resounding yes!

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Book Description

If you're looking for a cancer alternative, "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer" is a great place to start. Suppressed for over 60 years, this dangerously inexpensive cancer cure now comes to light. It's sad to say and might go against what we believe to be true, but if you want to get in trouble, cure cancer.

Emanuel Revici, M.D., makes the bones grow back. Yes, bones eaten away by cancer reappear on x-rays. Patients, once crippled, walk again. All types of tumors vanish and pain is replaced by energy. This is the story of a physician who found himself in trouble for curing his patients of cancer and inventing a new kind of chemotherapy that shrinks tumors without making the cancer sufferer sick.

Eight decades ahead of his peers, Dr. Revici started curing cancer in the early to mid 1930's. You will be touched as you hear the cancer biographies of dozens of his lucky patients. Each of them was thought to be incurable. They have lived far beyond their doctor's best estimates, not in sick beds, but as active participants in their community. You will see how Revici's new theory of evolution enabled him to develop medicines to stop all viruses in their tracks, including the flu, pneumonia and AIDS.

You will also be able to use his easy-to-apply methods to monitor your health and to chart your individual acid/alkaline balance. You will discover how to tell if a pain is an acidic or alkaline pain pattern. Revici's cancer research discoveries unravel the mysteries of the human body. He uncovered effective answers whether it be for arthritis, drug addiction, migraines, alcoholism, high blood pressure, cuts and burns, schizophrenia, depression, retardation and much more. Revici could find targeted answers to so many different problems because he knows how the cells, tissues and organs were first formed.

Arnold Cronk. M.D., who headed the research team at Johnson & Johnson, once said that Revici's many discoveries would keep an entire medical school graduating class busy for the rest of their professional lives. Cancer research is only now beginning to use a small part of what Revici discovered in the early 1950's. Part cancer biography, you'll also understand how cancer can be cured as well as how the cancer got started so that it can be avoided.

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