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The Gasp: How to Seize That
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Nonfiction & How-To

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The Gasp: How to Seize That "A-Ha!" Moment and Turn It Into a Winning Business

By: Michael Prywes

Finally, a lawyer explains--step-by-step--how a creative entrepreneur can start up and grow a creative business.

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Book Description

Finally, a lawyer saves you time and money with legal and practical knowledge about starting and growing a creative business.

Until now, creative entrepreneurs--natural DIYers--have had to surf the Net to discover basic information and find out how to lawfully launch and grow a business. This book, written by attorney and former media producer Michael Prywes, gives the artist or innovator the tools to:

* Naturally discover the perfect business idea
* Choose the right business entity
* Protect intellectual and tangible property and avoid lawsuits
* Raise money legally and ethically
* Hire (and fire) employees and independent contractors
* Advertise and market the business

The Gasp: How to Seize That A-Ha! Moment and Turn It Into a Winning Business is a step-by-step handbook and practical guide to the legalities, practicalities, and pitfalls of creative entrepreneurship.

Michael Prywes, Esq. has filled this book with the wisdom and personal experiences he shares with his own clients.

Foreword by the founders of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide:
The first life force breath of your business truly is The Gasp - the A-Ha! moment that provides the oxygen needed to fuel you from ideation to creation. However, the journey of turning that Gasp's initial boost of oxygenated excitement into a winning business will undoubtedly be an emotional rollercoaster ride like nothing you've experienced. It's a ride that every entrepreneur must endure to create a winning business, whether you're a one-man (or woman) service based company or CEO of an empire valued at $100 mil plus. It's why understanding the baseline fundamentals that are outlined here in Michael's book are so imperative...

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