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The Georgie B. Goode Cozy Mystery Series Boxed Set by Marg Mcalister ebook deal
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The Georgie B. Goode Cozy Mystery Series Boxed Set

By: Marg Mcalister

Georgie hits the road in a vintage gypsy trailer, keen to prove she can meet sales targets for her father’s enormous RV Empire. She takes along her great-grandma’s crystal ball to add atmosphere — but soon finds herself and her happy band of amateur sleuths solving mysteries in a very different way!

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Book Description

Book One: GOOD TO GO

Georgie B. Goode hadn't realized that she was ready to rebel—not until she uttered a very decisive "NO" and had the rest of her family staring at her in shock. Her father, founder of the enormous Johnny B. Goode RV Empire, couldn't believe it. What was going on with his daughter? Every year until now she had done what he asked: picked out a late-model motorhome for herself ready to showcase it at his giant RV Expo.

A late-model motorhome just doesn't do it for Georgie. Her first love is the tiny retro travel trailer and vintage van division of her father's empire…but he and her brother Jerry think she's crazy wanting to build it up. They deliberately don't make it easy for Georgie.

She takes to the road to prove she can live and travel in a vintage gypsy caravan, and meet her father's outrageous sales targets as well. What she doesn't count on is her great-grandmother Rosa's determination that she should carry on the family gypsy tradition of fortune-telling on the road.

What with brother Jerry's conniving tricks, her father's unreasonable demands, and dozens of people flocking to her vintage van to have their fortunes told… Georgie really does wonder if she's bitten off more than she can chew. And somehow, she has to figure out what the crystal ball is trying to tell her before Kaylene hooks up with a guy who is oh so wrong for her!


After amazing herself by solving her very first case, Georgie has packed up her vintage gypsy caravan (with cunningly hidden modern conveniences) and taken herself off to the Retro Rally in L.A.

Why is she going there? Well, to catch up with the fun retro crowd, for one thing - how could anyone resist gorgeous retro trailers and vintage vans, and all those people whooping it up in 50s clothes? Sailor dresses, high-waist shorts and cats-eye glasses - what a scene.

But something else has drawn Georgie to the West Coast, and she has no idea who or what until she gets there. Then someone comes to her gypsy caravan seeking help… and Georgie follows the trail with the help of her crystal ball and her fledgling CBI team.

CBI Team… Um, don't you mean CSI?

Nope, it's CBI: Crystal Ball Investigations!

It's an unlikely crew. As well as Georgie, the great-granddaughter of a gypsy vagabond, the team consists of Scott a forest ranger from Australia; Layla, who dresses in 50s clothes and sells retro trailers, and Tammy, the glamorous secret ally who is in love with Georgie's low-down snake of a brother, Jerry.

Well, everyone has to start somewhere—right?


Georgie knows that it takes all kinds to make a world. After all, she's had to put up with her rat-fink brother Jerry B. Goode all her life, hasn't she? And not too many people have a Great-Granny like Rosa! But when she starts to do a few readings at the RV park in Santa Monica, one of her first customers is a hulking great teenage boy, who seems more inclined to want to see her arrested than to seek her help.

Georgie can sense there's more behind his football-jock muscles and acne scars than meets the eye, so she keeps digging—but as the plot thickens, she finds herself calling on her fledgling Crystal Ball Investigations team for help. What they lack in experience, they make up for in ingenuity!

As though the football jock and his gullible mother aren't enough to cope with, her brother Jerry also seems hell-bent not only on relegating her beloved vintage van division to a tiny corner in the massive Johnny B. Goode RV Empire yard, but also on alienating her lovely and talented friend Tammy.

It's going to take a lot of hard work before Georgie can say a heartfelt 'good riddance!' to all of these problems in her life…

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