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The Historian by Ray Wenck ebook deal
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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The Historian

By: Ray Wenck

No one wanted him on the mission. They called him 'waste of space' and for the most part ignored him. But when they were captured and about to die in a grisly fashion, he became the most important member of the team and their only hope of survival.

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Book Description

Twenty years after the horrific nuclear events that devastated the world's population, an organized city of survivors sends out a small exploratory force consisting of scientists and their military escorts. Their mission is to locate new supplies of food and water for the growing community. Few have ventured from the city since the war and fewer returned. Lucas Sanderson is one of four Historians. His job is to document events, both past and present, for future reference and teachings. His appointment to the team is not a popular one with either the military or scientific team members.

The journey, though fraught with danger, offers wondrous opportunities. That is, until they are captured by another community whose goals are the same as theirs—find new sources of food, which, by capturing the research team, they have done.With time running out, Lucas must find a way to rescue his teammates before they can be roasted alive. The fate of the team rests on the shoulders of the one person no one wanted to come along.

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