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The Music Inside by Jenny Clift ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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The Music Inside

By: Jenny Clift

As a professional trained violinist I chart my journey in music to move into performing, using inner techniques (EFT, meditation etc) and achieve success in my dream career.

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Book Description

Are you in the wrong job?

Do you feel fed up and frustrated?

Wondering how to move forward or who to turn to for help?

This thoughtful and yet practical book will help you start changing on the inside, take action, make outside changes and feel great about the results and yourself.

Maybe you know what you really want in your career and your life but don't see how to get there? Are you tired of being told to 'follow your bliss' when you don't even have a clue as to what that is?Either way you are not doing what you love. You may even believe that you aren't good enough, you don't deserve more or you might upset other people if you try to change the status quo.

A few years ago I was coming up to my 50th birthday, spending all my time and energy in a job that didn't fulfill me. As a classically trained violinist I knew what I really wanted to do was be up on stage sharing my music. I had tried to move into performing several times, had even had some outside success, but I was still full of self-doubts and insecurities on the inside.

I realized I had to make changes 'from the inside out' if they were to stick.

Luckily, this was when I discovered EFT, a kind of healing modality, sometimes described as 'acupuncture without the needles'. Through that I began working with a life coach who helped me to change many of the self-beliefs and blocks that were keeping me stuck. I also started meditating, as well as developing certain writing exercises. These enabled me to begin taking courses in goal setting and planning as well as stage presence and video making I started taking action based on this new knowledge and found myself achieving more and living much more 'on purpose'.

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