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The Nostalgia Effect by Ej Valson ebook deal
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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The Nostalgia Effect

By: Ej Valson

Jennifer mysteriously awakens one morning in a version of a past she does not remember and again married to her ex-husband. In dire desperation to make sense of the situation and get back to her loved ones in what she believes is her future life, she seeks out answers wherever she can. Her last resort for help is Astrid, a local psychic. Together they unravel the mystery surrounding Jennifer's strange circumstances and the truth about her real life.

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Book Description

Jennifer Nielsen's life has become stagnant and mundane. Between work, raising a family, and trying to keep her marriage together, she often finds herself feeling overtaxed, underappreciated, and dissatisfied.

One morning Jennifer awakens in a room she doesn't recognize, next to a sleeping man she knows all too well but doesn't want in her life -- her ex-husband. Terrified that she has made a horrible mistake, but unable to remember the details of how she came to reunite with him, she quietly attempts to escape only to find her oldest daughter sleeping in another room. But on this morning, her daughter is a young child again and not the teenager she last saw the night before. And so the unraveling of her reality begins.

Finding herself unexplainably thrown back eight years into a past she doesn't remember, again married to her ex-husband and a mother to only one child, she struggles to make sense of her situation and is determined to seek out the truth of how this new reality came to be. How can she be back in the year 2005? Where is her real husband and the daughter they have together? Did she have a mental breakdown? Does she have amnesia? Was the life she's certain she had in 2013 a figment of her imagination or a dream? Conventional doctors and rational explanations cannot provide the answers she needs. Out of desperation she turns to Astrid, a local psychic, and together they unravel the mystery.

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