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The Seed Of Christ/buddha Within You by Simon Kim & Susanna Eun ebook deal
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Religious & Inspirational

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The Seed Of Christ/buddha Within You

By: Simon Kim & Susanna Eun

A quick and easy guide to dissolve a silent anguish, anxiety, and fear we harbor inside! Provides detailed accounts to step out of the current social matrix to assist anyone realizing the fullness of their Being and quickly attain a level of consciousness similar to that of Christ or Buddha.

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Book Description

Do you often feel small and insignificant? Do you suffer from stress, frustration, and anxiety over your career, relationships, or health? Do you sometimes feel in the doldrums, inertia, and confusion regardless how much money, fame, or intellect you may have? The major reason you feel that way is this: You do not know who you really are.

Positive thinking, the law of attraction, or mindfulness is very helpful, yet these activities rarely provide enough voltage for you to completely transform yourself. To reclaim your true essence and find your Higher/True Self, you need to experience a spiritual awakening.

Contrary to common belief, spiritual awakening is not a long, difficult journey reserved for the most dedicated of spiritual seekers--it is nothing more than an awakening to your truest identity. Unless you break out of your small shell, you are guaranteed to experience a life of pain and suffering.

Easy to follow path to help you expand your consciousness and quickly attain a level of consciousness similar to that of God, Christ, or Buddha. Reading this book will allow you to experience personal epiphanies that will fill your life with a new vigor, with hope and confidence that you can fulfill your biggest dreams and deepest desires.

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