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The Three Reasons by Beverly Adamo ebook deal
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Religious & Inspirational

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The Three Reasons

By: Beverly Adamo

True and inspiring story of an unexpected death and miracle resurrection and three reasons to return to life. A magic carpet ride of death . . . life . . . and . . . the magical and miraculous spaces in between! Don’t wait until you die to figure out why you’re alive!

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Book Description

Do you know why you're here on this earth?

There is a reason . . . sometimes there's even more than one reason.
What is it like to die and bring your reasons for living back with you?

You're about to find out as this inspiring book takes you on a magic carpet ride of death . . . life . . . and . . . the magical and miraculous spaces in between!

If you do not know your reason or reasons for being here, you can never be living life full-out.As a matter of fact, most people are not in the process of living their lives. They are actually in the process of dying their deaths! Living in fear and struggle, frustration and lack is not living.
This true story will draw you in, urge you to take a look at your life, and inspire you to ask yourself...

What are my Three Reasons for living?

You'll also learn how to take those Three Reasons and create a life full of magic, miracles, and love, no matter what circumstances arise.

Through the story of an unexpected death, then the miraculous resurrection back to life, you'll be embarking on your own journey of transformation. In following this journey, complete with many bleak and upsetting moments as well as blessings, you'll have guides, teaching and motivating you to realize your Three Reasons.
Anyone who struggles with fear, frustrations, or lack of any kind....

will be able to use the profound wisdom and insights in this book to gain the awareness and methods for creating a life of meaning, miracles, and immediacy.

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