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The Zebra Affaire: A Dangerous Love Story by Mark Fine ebook deal
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The Zebra Affaire: A Dangerous Love Story

By: Mark Fine

Spring 1976 matters of the heart are strictly controlled by South Africa's racist doctrines. The unlikely union of Stanwell and Elsa, a black man and a white woman, shocks the nation. The lovers are hunted by a cold-blooded enforcer, Mal Zander, who will stop at nothing to crush their union.

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Book Description

Passion faces naked prejudice as Elsa and Stanwell are hunted down by a maniacal agent bent on enforcing the dictates of a racist regime.

Set in the go-go seventies, with rioting students and warring tribes South Africa is already in turmoil, but the couple's forbidden affair is believed to threaten the gold-rich nation's future--and they must be stopped.

No government should have the right to interfere in the love between two people, but that's not the case in apartheid South Africa. Elsa and Stanwell's illicit romance threatens the strictly controlled racist doctrines of the regime. Harried by the brutal Security Branch eager to destroy them, the desperate couple fight a lonely battle against the forces of segregation and tribal mistrust.

All sides across the color-divide are represented in a great canvas embodying the South African experience; from the AngloBoer War at the turn of the last century to the bloody 1976 Soweto Riots, and from a mine one-mile deep beneath the CIty of Gold to the harsh wilds of the African bush.

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