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Think Big by Damon Zahariades ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Think Big

By: Damon Zahariades

Do you feel trapped in a life of mediocrity? Do you feel stuck, dreaming of accomplishing great things but trapped by constraints, both real and imagined? THINK BIG gives you the tools to shed your limiting self-beliefs, achieve extraordinary feats, and transform your life!

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Book Description

Break Free of Your Limitations, Achieve Spectacular Success, and Transform Your Life!
Do you feel stuck, dreaming of accomplishing great things but trapped by constraints, both real and imagined?

Do you feel you’re meant for a greater purpose but held back by invisible barriers?

Has your mindset shackled you to a life of mediocrity when you possess far more potential and deserve much more success?

If so, THINK BIG is for you.

Imagine breaking free of the self-imposed boundaries holding you back from achieving remarkable goals.

Imagine living without fear of what life has in store for you and instead looking forward to the opportunities it will give you.

Imagine feeling happier, more fulfilled, and utterly confident in overcoming obstacles and accomplishing extraordinary feats.

THINK BIG isn’t merely a book. It’s a workshop that will train you to set your sights higher, create more ambitious goals, and imagine achieving the unthinkable. It gives you all the tools to finally shed your limiting self-beliefs and rise above your self-doubt.

You’ll learn to see yourself through the lens of what is possible rather than what others assert is “reasonable.”

You'll discover how to change your thought patterns so you're no longer trapped by cynicism and negativity but instead fueled by optimism and enthusiasm.

You’ll learn how to unlock a level of thinking that will motivate and inspire you to pursue a future of spectacular success and accomplishments.

In THINK BIG, you'll discover:

•What it truly means to “think big” (this may surprise you)
•The 10 biggest obstacles in your path and how to overcome them
•How to interpret risk so that it empowers you rather than causing you to worry
•The 8 thought patterns that can sabotage you (and how to “flip the script” on each one)
•The most common excuses people make for their inaction and several time-proven tactics to break this self-defeating habit
•A simple method to turn your dreams into actionable goals with milestones to track your progress
•A 4-step blueprint for cultivating a growth mindset that spurs you to tackle challenges rather than shy away from them
•What your narrative identity is, and how to reframe it so you have more control over your life
•How to use failure to your advantage every time it happens

PLUS, EXERCISES: 10 custom exercises are included throughout THINK BIG. They're designed to reinforce the material and help you master each step before moving on to the next one.

Are you sick and tired of settling for less? Are you willing to challenge your limiting beliefs, break free of your mental blocks, and unabashedly pursue your ambitions? Are you ready to finally start living the life you’ve imagined for yourself?

Your future is unwritten. Your potential is yet to be discovered. You are on the cusp of accomplishing feats that may seem unthinkable at this moment.

It’s time to let go of your self-doubt and THINK BIG. Give yourself permission to unlock the life you want to lead. Allow yourself the freedom to see endless possibilities and seize opportunities.

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