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Tinder Stricken by Heidi C. Vlach ebook deal
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Tinder Stricken

By: Heidi C. Vlach

On Tselaya Mountain, all elderly humans transform into animals. Esha was unlucky: she developed goat horns in childhood. Now middle-aged, Esha scrambles to fund her own retirement before the goat overtakes her body. But then a phoenix steals her most precious possession — and Esha must track the bird down.

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Book Description

On Tselaya Mountain, all humans transform into animals as a consequence of age — but for fieldwoman Esha, goat horns began growing in when she was just a child. Now in her forties, unmarried and alone, Esha scrambles to pay for her own retirement before she is more goat than person.

But when Esha stumbles into the wrong patch of forest, a wild phoenix steals her heirloom khukuri knife. Unwilling to lose her treasure before she can sell it, Esha forges a deal with Atarangi, a back-alley diplomat who speaks to animals. Together, the two women climb mountain plateaus to reach the wild phoenix's territory. With enough tact and translation magic, the bird might be convinced to give Esha's retirement fund back.

But the question remains: why did the phoenix steal an heirloom in the first place? What debt could a wild, free creature possibly need to pay?

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