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Ultra Top Secret Robot Dinosaur Blueprints by David Cunliffe ebook deal
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Childrens & Middle Grade

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Ultra Top Secret Robot Dinosaur Blueprints

By: David Cunliffe

Researchers have spent years studying dinosaurs in order to build the perfect robot dinosaur. This is their research...

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Book Description

Researchers have spent years studying dinosaurs in order to build the perfect robot dinosaur. This is their research...

Ultra Top Secret Robot Dinosaur Blueprints is a dinosaur fact and picture book for kids. It has real dinosaur facts along with the blueprints of those dinosaurs reimagined as robots. It profiles 25 different dinosaurs including their basic details with stunning full-page illustrations.
This book is perfect for anyone that loves dinosaurs or robots. Kids will have fun looking at the awesome dinosaur pictures while they learn the basic dino facts and their imaginations will run wild with the robot blueprints of each dinosaur. Because the book is designed as a folder of "top secret documents", it's also great for imaginative play.

It's like "How do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday?" Except for way more robots, and way fewer birthdays.
It's like Robocop took over National Geographic, and started a secret lab.
It's like Jurassic World decided to give up on cloning dinosaurs and switched to robots.

Each dinosaur profile includes a detailed full-page image of the dinosaur, its basic facts, front view, top view, side view and size comparison for reference.
Each robot blueprint page has a sci-fi technical blueprint and imaginary robot functions for each dinosaur.

• Beautiful Full-Page Illustrations: 25 dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and prehistoric marine reptiles are featured, including the basic facts for each one.
• Sci-fi Robot Dinosaur Blueprints: Each spread includes a robot dinosaur blueprint complete with fictitious details.
• Size Reference On Every Page: Each dinosaur page includes a reference silhouette of a human so you can see the size of each animal.
• A Must Have for Every Dinosaur Lover: Perfect for kids who love looking at dino pictures, learning dinosaur facts or just love pretending and having fun.
• Perfect for Kids Ages 3-11: But that doesn't mean older kids won't love it too.

Dinosaurs featured:
• Tyrannosaurus
• Triceratops
• Spinosaurus
• Stegosaurus
• Allosaurus
• Dilophosaurus
• Diplodocus
• Ankylosaurus
• Carnotaurus
• Pteranodon
• Archaeopteryx
• Baryonyx
• Parasaurolophus
• Iguanodon
• Pachycephalosaurus
• Therizinosaurus
• Quetzalcoatlus (pterosaur)
• Utahraptor
• Sarcosuchus (prehistoric crocodile)
• Styracosaurus
• Elasmosaurus (marine reptile)
• Protoceratops
• Archelon (marine reptile)
• Tylosaurus (marine reptile)
• Pterodactylus (pterosaur)

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