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Universo-i: The 7-day Path To Overcoming Anxiety And Fear And Living The Life Of Your Dreams by Brian Frederiksen ebook deal
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Religious & Inspirational

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Universo-i: The 7-day Path To Overcoming Anxiety And Fear And Living The Life Of Your Dreams

By: Brian Frederiksen

An epic tale of a young boy who is offered an inheritance that could change his life, the book is both an education and a magical journey for the reader, offering compelling wisdom, thrills, and a potent message: you – and only you - have the power to shape your destiny.

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Book Description

UNIVERSO-i is inspired by the author’s life, a true story of a Danish boy who fled a broken home and confronted his fears and insurmountable obstacles to immigrate and live The American Dream, meeting world leaders and more.

But suddenly, his life is in danger, he loses everything and becomes homeless.

Guided by wise teachers and discovering his loss was no coincidence and that he has sinister ancestors, he finds himself amongst a global conspiracy to use AI and billions of people's stolen DNA to maintain fear and exert social control over humanity.

His quest and discoveries teaches us about the powers we all possess to shape our destiny, confront our fears, listen to our hearts, read the Universe’s messages along life's path and above all, to believe in ourselves and follow our dreams to live the life we want and deserve.

Combining wonder, wisdom and forgotten magic into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, UNIVERSO-i has already touched and transformed the lives of countless readers across the generations. It’s a remarkable story of a boy from a broken working-class home who’s offered an inheritance that would change his life. However, little did he know that his destiny had begun unfolding, and sinister plans were made for him before he was even born.

As he embarks on a quest to fulfil the conditions of his inheritance, he discovers riches beyond his wildest dreams and that there’s a dark underbelly to his ancestry: a global fear-based conspiracy by The Seven, a mysterious, secretive organisation, who prevent people from living the lives they should be…and he’s at the heart of it.

The author reveals the wisdom of listening to your heart, recognizing opportunity and learning to read the signs along life's path and most importantly, he reveals the secret to overcoming your fears and unlocking the powers and potential you have to shape your life and control your destiny.

Fear is life’s biggest disruptor, stopping you from living the life you want. Fear of failure, disappointing others, the unknown, embarrassment but…it’s a lie.

It’s in your head, created to control and prevent you from realizing the power you have to shape and control your destiny.

Overcome fear.

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