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Unto Herself by Ellen Alabed ebook deal
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Religious & Inspirational

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Unto Herself

By: Ellen Alabed

Were Mary and Jesus perfect mediums?
Will their secret remain veiled long enough for Mary to train Jesus to properly unleash his powers for good?

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Book Description

Stoned shortly before marrying her betrothed for false allegations of fornication, Salome—untouched by man, yet secretly concealing an Immaculately Conceived child—whispers her dying words to her betrothed Yuseph…

"You will foster the child. You will be his father."

Unequipped to raise a child Yuseph seeks out the guidance of Benyat, the temple priest who wills the child to barren couple Ann and Joaquim of the House of David—future aunt and uncle of John the Baptist—who vow to keep the baby's birth circumstances secret and raise Maryam as their own.

Little did they know Maryam (Mary), the mother of Yesuah (Jesus), possesses spiritual and psychic gifts that could rock the world at its very core…

Yet even with the encouragement of Benyat, proper training and even dressing like a man…

It doesn't take long for Maryam to realize that society's ignorance will never allow her to unleash the powers she carries as a medium, healer, clairvoyant who can channel automatic writing…

It's not until her own immaculate conception, and continued romantic feelings for Yuseph, that Maryam realizes not all hope is lost…

While she can never become the messiah, society may accept Yesuah—if only he is truly the messiah she and Beynat forsaw…

The question is…will their secret remain veiled long enough for Maryam to train Yesuah to properly unleash his powers for good…

Or will the danger around every corner cut all their lives short in a way you've never imagined…

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