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Vanadium Dark by Benjamin Sheffield ebook deal
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Vanadium Dark

By: Benjamin Sheffield

In the near future, invisible nanocameras blanket the nation's cities, transmitting data to a supercomputer in the Pentagon. It's the ultimate security tool - but now something's going wrong. The cameras display impossible scenes of horror and nightmare, events that seem to be happening in another world. A bug in the mainframe? Or is something stranger going on?

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Book Description

A terrible disaster befalls the United States. It must never be repeated. And so, tomorrow's light shines in a thousand million million eyes.

Invisible nanobot-based cameras now blanket the cities and the skies, recording data and transmitting it to the Pentagon. Every single event: recorded. Every single incident: captured. It's the ultimate law enforcement tool, a security feed that spans coast to coast.

But something is going wrong.

The nanocams are transmitting bizarre scenes to the Pentagon - events that have never happened, images that seem to be from another world.

Are the recordings being doctored?
Or is something far more sinister afoot?

A powerful and malevolent intelligence is emerging from the ruins of America, and it might be too late to stop it. An intelligence analyst called Viktor Kertesz now stands at the threshold of a new chapter of human history...and zero has just become one.

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