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Wasted Vows by Colleen Charles ebook deal
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Wasted Vows

By: Colleen Charles

Luna has a haunted past and secrets that threaten to destroy her. When she meets charming marketing executive Corban while planning his latest corporate event, she wants to believe in love again. Can Corban plow through the solid wall she’s built around her wounded heart? Or will Luna’s ex fiancé blow the new couple’s budding relationship right out of the water with his shameless lies?

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Book Description


Who needs it? I can survive on my talent and good looks alone. Love's a useless emotion that sucks away a man's time and energy. I'm a behemoth in the boardroom, and I don't allow women to interfere with my successful career by weakening me with their emotional drama. I haven't let a woman get close enough to hurt me since college. They just aren't worth the heartache.

Until Luna. My charming little klutz.

I knew from the moment I saw her that she was different. From her accidentally dropping her hand-written diary in my office to getting her skirt caught in my desk drawer, she's slayed me with her vulnerability. She's scarred and broken, running from history that haunts her. But she only thinks her wings have been clipped. Her past hasn't destroyed her, and life hasn't ended because of him. But I can save her; I know I can. Her shattered heart can be mended. Just like a jigsaw puzzle I can solve, I'll put the pieces back together.

But she has secrets that threaten to overwhelm us both. Something from her past that she can't or won't reveal. I should stay away. There's a protectiveness in me that only she can evoke. She wants to run every time she's scared. At first, I'll let her.
Until the day that I can't. Until the day that I don't.

For the first time in my life, a woman's killer curves and tender soul make me feel like a man and not a corporate robot, willingly working myself into an early grave. I've seen my future in the depths of her eyes, and now I have it within my grasp. And whether she's ready or not, I'm going to take it.

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