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William Heirens: The True Story Of The Lipstick Killer by Jack Rosewood ebook deal
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William Heirens: The True Story Of The Lipstick Killer

By: Jack Rosewood

This is a True Crime biography about the Lipstick Killer, William Heirens who murdered and left a message written with lipstick on his victims wall...

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Book Description

In the early 1940s, the city of Chicago was in the midst of a one man crime wave. But this crime wave was unlike any other in Chicago history. It was not perpetrated by a seasoned gangster like Al Capone or sophisticated serial killer like John Wayne Gacy: the offender in question was an unassuming teenager named William George Heirens. Before Heirens' crime spree was over, he burglarized over 300 hundred homes and murdered three innocent people.

In this true crime murder book you will learn the details of Heirens' rampage through the city of Chicago and what drove him to become one of the most disturbed psychopaths and sociopaths in the annals of all true crime stories.

At first glance, as an American serial killer, Heirens may not appear as formidable as others since he only claimed three victims. He was also much younger the average serial killer and was a nice looking young man when he was arrested. But the truly frightening aspect of Heirens' story is how a seemingly normal child, with a stable home, can evolve into a petty criminal and eventually to the status of serial killer. A close examination of Heirens' life will reveal that beneath the facade of normalcy lurked a vicious killer waiting to be unleashed on the hapless citizens of Chicago.

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