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Wine Valley Mystery by Sandra Woffington ebook deal
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Wine Valley Mystery

By: Sandra Woffington

Blond, blue-eyed Max King, a new detective, partners with Dr. Joy Burton, a dark and disturbed forensic psychologist. They root out the killers of Wine Valley and delve into their own mysterious past: they’d shared the first few years of their lives together before being adopted by two lawmen and separated. Their reunion is murder, their past, a mystery.

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Book Description

Wine Valley Mystery Series pairs just the right wine with just the right murder!

The cuts nobody sees bleed us to death.
If the Addams family's daughter Wednesday grew up to become a forensic psychologist, she would be Dr. Joy Burton—and Detective Max King's worst nightmare. In this thrilling page-turner, a beautiful blond is found dead by a creek after a poker game. The suspect pool includes the chief of police. While solving the crime, Max and Joy dissect their bizarre shared lives before being adopted by two different fathers.

Pushed past a threshold, anyone can kill.
Det. Max King and Dr. Joy Burton enjoy a dinner party at a winery. A woman keels over at the table. Max does too. A vase on the mantel contains hemlock. In this heart-stopping suspense, suspects cross boundaries, reminding Joy of her own walks across life's fragile bridges. Cross over and you can't always cross back.

Decadence and Darkness are intoxicating, uninhibited roads.
In this pulse-pounding thriller, the swingers of Wine Valley throw a party, at the end of which a man is found dead on red satin sheets. Det. Max King and Dr. Joy Burton arrive to investigate. At the crime scene, Joy notices an expensive bottle of champagne. The attached card is signed, Draven Blackmoor—the man who had brought her to the edge of destruction. Joy must walk to the edge of the abyss that she once crawled out of, while Max must keep her from leaping over the edge.


Diamonds cut glass. Some shred lives.
This fast-paced mystery begins at the Wine Valley Harvest Festival, where an old-timer teaches children to sift dirt to find gems. But no one expects a real find—benitoite—the California blue diamond. The next morning, a geologist inspects the mine. She finds a dead body. To make matters worse, a film crew meddles in the investigation. The director is obsessed with capturing every facet of the unfolding story. Meantime, Max and Joy pursue their mysterious past before being adopted by two different fathers. Just when they consider burying their past, someone unearths their secret.

Step into the vineyards and revel in the wicked world of Wine Valley.

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