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Yoga: For Curvy Girls Guide - Easy Beginner's Poses For Women With Curves by Carmen Reeves ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Yoga: For Curvy Girls Guide - Easy Beginner's Poses For Women With Curves

By: Carmen Reeves

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that yoga and a wonderfully curvy figure just don't go together.
You're just not flexible enough, your curves would get right in the way and that your body just wouldn't obey you. You'd wobble like an ugly duckling and finish up feeling embarrassed and very silly. At least that's what you think.

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Book Description

Over the past few years, I have helped empower curvier women to start a yoga practice no matter what their challenges, or how scared they might feel, and now I'm here to do exactly the same for you.

I've witnessed the amazing transformative effects of yoga in all of my fellow yoga enthusiasts; I've watched wallflowers blossom into strong, confident and beautiful women, I've seen that inner glow light faces from within, I've seen chronic health conditions heal and stubborn pounds drop off. And I can't wait for these amazing benefits to happen to you.

You see; you don't have to have supermodel looks or be as bendy as a pretzel to welcome yoga into your life - you only need the desire to learn and a body to practice within. Provided you follow the easy-to-understand instructions in this book, you CAN become the very best version of yourself, and feel amazing too!

Here's some of what I'll be sharing with you:

• The fascinating facts about yoga

• An easy guide to the styles, philosophy and underlying principles of yoga

• The top secret ways to get the most from your yoga practice

• What to do when boobs get in the way (and many other useful curvy girl tips)

• Why it's so important to get that breathing right

• The truth about yoga as a fitness workout

PLUS a fully illustrated guide to yoga postures (asanas) and flow sequences, including:

• Beginner's Guide to Sun Salutations

• Yoga for Winter Blues & Depression

• Yoga for Better Sleep

• Yoga for Weight Loss

• Yoga for Period Pain

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