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Zen Parents, Cooperative Toddlers by Anna Andersen ebook deal
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Nonfiction & How-To

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Zen Parents, Cooperative Toddlers

By: Anna Andersen

An toolset for all parents who want to eliminate the daily battles, get small children to naturally cooperate and enjoy again their evenings!

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Book Description

Fed up with never ending arguing and constantly changing mind of your 3 year old daughter?

Always stressed to make the early meeting on time (and by the time you arrive at the daycare you already feel exhausted before your real workday even starts….)?

You only get 'no' as an answer, or 'more, more, more' before they burst into tears and cry?

You would love to have a pause button when your little one is throwing a tantrum at the supermarket?

Who has not lost their temper when kids misbehave and just continue doing something you don't want them to?

Well, no wonder, there is no such thing as stress-free parenting, and by the way no perfect parent either.

We will always mess up, that's part of the game.

But, the good news is that it is possible to get small children to cooperate and to have fun together as a family. It sometimes just takes a few little mental adjustments in the way we react.

You have probably noticed that some days you feel more relaxed and things go smoother, right?

Let me share my tips as a mother of 3 on how to keep your cool as a parent, have them to listen up a bit more, and how to spend some wonderful family moments.

I say all these things like I have perfected them, but of course I haven't. It is always different from child to child and it all depends in which phase they are in too.

But I have found that a few principles can make managing toddlers much easier.

1. You can learn to better deal with stress in general, feel more energized and be a more relaxed parent.

2. Small children, like human beings in general, are very driven by habits. Take advantage of this powerful autopilot to model behaviors while raising responsible little people.

3. Talk to your kids in a way that they actually can process your answers and requests, that is non aggressive and invites them to react adequately.

Your parenting tool set to staying calm, eliminating the whining and living a fun family life.

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