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Z-Strain by SJ Morris ebook deal
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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By: SJ Morris

The Z-Strain virus has been released worldwide and may prove to be humanities extinction event. Abbigail Norrington, driven by the undying need to keep her family and friends safe learns that survivors of this soulless apocalypse can be more dangerous than the undead. Abbigail is willing to forego her own fears to ensure humanities survival, but at what cost? The dead are rising, they are here to consume and destroy all life as we know it. Who will survive?

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Book Description

For a brief moment, it seems Abbigail Norrington and her three children might finally be off for a relaxing family vacation at the cabin where they can bond and have fun together. Something they haven't really been able to do since her husband and their father, Jack, died two years ago.

However, everything changes with one phone call from a person whom Abby should not be hearing from. He brings news of the virus they worked on with the government many years ago. It's out again and this time, it isn't contained. It's just a matter of time before the Z-Strain is global.

Abby tried to forget the nightmare but she remembers all too well what this virus does. Moving from packing for a family vacation to getting out of town for what could quite possibly be mankind's extinction event is a lot to take in for her children, but Abby is determined to keep what is left of her family safe from this plague.

Abby's husband kept more secrets than she could have imagined but now those secrets could mean life or death for everyone.

Some of those unearthed secrets eventually reveal the infected will prove to be the least of Abby's problems. It's what the living has in store for her that will pose the biggest threats.

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